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Founded in 1978 and located in beautiful Humber Bay Park West, Mimico Cruising Club, with its gorgeous clubhouse and grounds, wide fairways and spectacular facilities has truly earned the nickname,
"An Oasis In The City."

Mimico Cruising Club boasts a traditional name reflecting the cruising and racing interests of its members. The non-stop social activities along with a fabulous mix of power and sail illustrates why the Club has grown to over 500 members with docking for 300+ boats. Come on in and take a look around, you’ll be sure to like what you see!

Mimico Cruising Club is Toronto’s premier, private yacht club. The Club caters to individuals who enjoy being on or near the water. Both social members and mariners are welcome. Mimico Cruising Club has a traditional name reflecting the racing and cruising interests of its sailing and boating members. We are named in the tradition of the famous British "Royal Cruising Club" founded in 1880, and we support similar traditions.

Situated within the scenic Humber Bay Park adjacent to the Martin Goodman Trail, our post-and-beam clubhouse design reflects the character of a park setting and was officially opened in 1984, by John B. Aird, the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. We have grown from 250 members in 1979 to over 500, with docking facilities for 306 boats up to 50ft. (Length Overall) and dry sailing with a crane, for dinghies and keel boats to 3000 lbs.

MCC has weekly Club races and our members also participate in regional competitions and regattas throughout the season, including;  the Lake Ontario 300, the LORC Series and the AHMEN Series. Club cruises are arranged throughout the season for both power and sail. These often attract as many as 50 boats for a weekend cruise. In addition, events organised by our powerboat members include treasure hunts and an annual poker run. We also have a wide range of shore based events during the Summer and Winter seasons.

Mimico Cruising Club's stated mission is to provide a quality boating and social environment, within a member-involved Club for the enjoyment of its members, their families and guests through a shared vision of first-class facilities, programs and sound management.

MCC – Where Cruising is a Tradition and Racing is a Passion.

2009 Five foot extensions for ten 'C' dock slips
New service dock
Replace entrance and exit gates
Host Shark Gold Cup in September
Work permits are acquired for kitchen extension
2008 Repaired East clubhouse stairs
New lounge furniture
2007 New tanks for storing used oil and antifreeze
New forklift
Repairs to C dock
New sewer pump
2006 Host Shark Gold Cup
2005 New North shore docks
New South shore docks
New East shore docking system
2004 New Garland stove
2003 New roof for the clubhouse
New gate system
HVAC in the clubhouse
2002 Passing of our founding Commodore Gordon Schwab
Shark Worlds
New lighting system in parking lot for boat protection while in storage
2001 MCC’s first curling cruise
Host Shark Gold Cup
2000 Newfoundland Flotilla 2000 departs
MCC Ontario Women's Keelboat Championship
1999 40 foot docks for 'D' approved
Nonsuch Rendezvous
Movie 'The Ladies Man' filmed at MCC
1998 Clubhouse becomes non-smoking
First 'Commodore's Cruise'
New 'A' Dock
1997 Shark Gold Cup
New stairs to clubhouse
MCC boats join Newfoundland Flotilla
Canadian Coastguard Auxiliary Unit Tinker formed
1996 First Life Member (Charles Sheflin) created
Tinker christened by Charles Sheflin
Albergs at MCC
Children's playground arrives
MCC appears at Toronto Boat Show
Tinker is ours
Two launches
1995 Name change rejected
Committee Boat purchase approved
Negative work hours for 'no shows' introduced
C&C 41 North Americas
Marketing Committee recommends a name change
First Western Day with Chuckie and Barnie
Environmental guidelines approved
Movie 'Mrs. Winterbourne' filmed at Club
1994 Trophy Case arrives
Position of Cruising Director created eliminating Director of Dry Sailing
Cigar smoking banned from clubhouse
First dinghy cruise to THYC
Special meeting to approve replacement of new 'C' dock due to ice damage
New pump out ordered
1993 Debenture expansion (22 docks to be added)
First awards banquet
First 'Discover Boating Day'
Some B dock fingers extended from 20 to 30 feet
Budget to be approved at AGM
Concrete for masting area approved
1992 Friday night darts and shuffleboard start
McAlpine docks approved
1991 Asphalt arrives at MCC
House committee formed
1990 Temporary winter shelter installed under verandah for dock repairs
Plastic shed donated for winter dock repairs
Bobcat arrives
'Chit system' for payment introduced
37 Sharks in National Regatta
1989 Air-conditioning arrives on lower level of clubhouse
Propane barbeques at each dock
1988 $100 kitchen expansion assessment
$100 clubhouse assessment
New pump out
1987 Gate intercom and remote installed
Nonsuch rendezvous
First Commodore¹s Ball at clubhouse
Ken Greig joins as Manager
1986 J 24 Regatta
1985 Nash regatta
Soups available for $0.75
Laundry facilities available
First Club Manager appointed (Jack Ross)
1984 North Shore docks are official
1983 Clubhouse telephone number becomes 416-252-7737
Masting and dry sail crane arrives
Grampian regatta
C dock disaster
Clubhouse opens
Call issued for gardeners
Duty officer programme introduced
Clubhouse contract let
Plans for dry sailing approved
Space obtained to build docks offline
1982 Pump out arrives
Race committee gets a calculator
Supplementary Letters Patent issued (allowing a clubhouse) EP&S/MCC Regatta
Club rents fork lift for launch to save backs
Skills inventory form circulated
Flower beds planned
Lighthouse office opens
1981 Parking lot upgrade approved
Location of clubhouse approved by members
Fence between MCC and EP&S
Water available at docks
Electric cable on docks
Hoot Gibson's boat
Hoot Owl volunteered as a committee boat
Lighthouse arrives
Road into park paved
Work hour programme introduced
MCC listed in white and yellow pages
1980 MCC now controls South Shore
Final grading of the lot underway
First reference in Sheet and Shaft to Club cruises
Mimico hosts schooner regatta
Mooring are $0.10 foot at Hanlan¹s Point
First Club racing with Etobicoke Power and Sail
1979 Final site of clubhouse set
Parking lot enlarged
Shores are protected with armour stone
First haul out at Club
Diesel fuel reported to be $1.80 per gallon
Trigex docks moved into position
First Sailpast
First Commodore's Ball (at Boulevard Club)
1978 Letters Patent issued (Club is a legal entity)

mimico cruising club
200 Humber Bay Park Road West Toronto, Ontario M8V 3X7 (416) 252-7737
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