Rules and Courtesies


We hope you feel at home at our club. Our members and visitors adhere to the following rules and courtesies:


At the Dock
Please use bow, stern and spring lines to secure your boat. As a courtesy to others, tie halyards and lines away from your mast to reduce noise. Please advise club staff and provide contact information if you plan to leave your boat unattended for more than eight hours.

A self-service pump-out station is located at the service dock. A fee of $10 per use can be paid to the bar staff who will loan you a key to activate the pump.

Refueling from a container must be done on the service dock only.

Use of portable generators is not allowed.


During Your Stay

MCC permits consumption of alcoholic beverages and legal drugs on your boat when it is moored and provided it has permanent cooking, sleeping and toilet facilities.

Please do not bring your own food and drink into the licensed areas of the club – the clubhouse, the veranda, the outside clubhouse stairs and the patio on the south side of the clubhouse. All alcoholic beverages consumed in these areas must be purchased from the bar.

Smoking is prohibited in any partially or fully enclosed areas, including the clubhouse, the balcony, the covered patio and covered picnic tables along the shore at each dock.

The dress code at MCC is informal. However, please wear shoes and shirts in the clubhouse at all times. We ask men to remove their hats and not to wear tank tops in the dining room.

You may pay your dining room and bar bill using a debit card, Visa or Mastercard. A service fee of 3.5% is added to any credit card purchase. Cash is not accepted. A service gratuity is included in the prices listed on the menu.

under 12 years must wear PFDs (personal flotation devices) on the docks.

There are 2 designated areas for walking your pets: north of the main gate on the opposite side of the road from the clubhouse; and in the large field south of the South Shore dock. Please keep your pets on a leash at all times and clean up after your pets. Pets are not allowed within 30 feet of the clubhouse or patio or any of the food eating areas.

Please dispose of your garbage and recycling in the designated bins located on shore at the end of each dock.

Please maintain the cleanliness of our washroom and laundry facilities. Washing of clothes and/or dishes is not permitted in the washrooms.

Leaving MCC

Check out time is 12:00 noon. If you wish to stay longer, please speak to one of our club staff.


Mimico Cruising Club is not responsible for loss or damage to private property while on Mimico Cruising Club property.



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