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I hereby submit the following boat for approval.

Boat Information

Please provide 4 photos of the boat: Length overall, Engine, Interior, Cockpit
For boats more than 10 years old, please provide a recent survey (no more than 5 years old).
These can be emailed to

We will endeavor to accommodate requests, subject to availability, but can make no promises to new applicants or current members.

NOTE: The above information will be used for preliminary slip assignment. Final slip assignment will be confirmed once the boat
comes to the club and is inspected and measured. All boats will be right-sized for their slips.

Mimico Cruising Club Boat Guidelines and Restrictions

  • Maximum boat length (LOA): 50ft, including all fixtures or equipment overhanging the hull at either end that is fixed in place or
    normally remains in place while the boat is moored (e.g., bowsprit, anchor roller, davits, swim platform, etc.). The Director of
    Moorings retains the right to measure all boats.
  • The maximum beam: 17ft.
  • The maximum gross weight of a boat which may be launched or hauled out: 40,000 lbs.
  • All boats stored on club property must have a one piece, collapsible steel cradle or trailer supplied by the member.
  • Power: 30 amp compliant, single outlet, 120 volts maximum
  • Engine in good running order
  • Docks are for pleasure boating only.

I declare the information above set forth to be correct. If the information on this application does not accurately reflect the boat I bring to the Club I understand that my membership may be revoked or rejected by the Board of Directors. Mimico Cruising Club is not responsible for any fees or costs incurred by a current member or applicant whose boat does not receive written approval from the Director of Moorings prior to purchase or arrival to the Club. An applicant for membership whose boat is not approved will receive a refund of fees paid excluding an administrative fee.

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