The Mimico Cruising Club community welcomes power boaters, sailors, and those who enjoy a boating environment.

  • Beautiful park setting
  • Club house and dining room, wide deck and licensed patio; no restaurant minimum
  • Some of the best boating facilities on the lake
  • BBQ & picnic areas at each dock
  • Family-friendly environment and activities
  • Many social events and activities throughout the year including themed parties

MCC is a self-help club. We have a small staff, but most functions are managed by committees and volunteers. There are lots of ways to get involved, from gardening, planning social events, maintaining our grounds and docks, and more. Joining a committee or volunteering for an activity is a great way to get to know other members and contribute to our vibrant club environment.

At MCC we build life long friendships, on the water and off.

Joining MCC

There are several steps to becoming a member.

Complete and submit the online membership application
Complete and submit
the online boat application
Interview with board and committee members 30-Day Waiting Period Board Approval

Boating Memberships

Boating members enjoy some of the best facilities on the lake, including:

  • Protected harbour
  • High & stable finger docks that can accommodate boats to a maximum of 50’ length overall
  • Wide fairways
  • Active racing program: weekly club races, mentor series, weekend events, AHMEN races
  • Power Boat Council and several annual events for power boaters
  • Organized cruises to other clubs around the lake, open to all members


  • Membership costs for boating members with a dock (Senior A members) consist of one time fees (initiation and debenture) and annual fees (annual dues, dock fees, haul out/winter/storage/launch)
  • Initiation fees can be paid in a single instalment of $5,382 or in 36 monthly instalments of $155 +HST
  • Haul out/storage/launch fees are $3.02/square foot +HST
  • Dock fees are based on size, and range from $807 to $1,687 + HST; see the table below
  • Dry sail, corporate and junior memberships are also available. Please contact our General Manager for information and fees.
  • There is no monthly food & beverage minimum in the restaurant
  • Senior A members are required to contribute a minimum of 21 work hours per year

Boating Membership Fees        
  with single initiation payment   with 36 monthly initiation payments    

Year 1 Years 2+ Year 1 Years 2&3  Years 4+
Initiation $5490 $0 $1830 $1830 $0
Debenture $3500 $0 $3500 $0 $0
Annual Dues $1762 $1762 $1762 $1762 $1762
HST $1397.76 $229.06 $921.96 $466.96 $229.06
Sub Total $12,149.76 $1991.06 $8013.96 $4058.96 $1991.06
Dock Fees based on dock size based on dock size based on dock size based on dock size based on dock size
Haul out / storage / launch $3.26/sq ft $3.26/sq ft $3.26/sq ft $3.26/sq ft $3.26/sq ft

Dock Fees (+HST)

27' 30' 35' 40' 44' 45' 49'
$823 $964 $1165 $1341 $1501 $1545 $1721

Note - fees are subject to annual increases based on a vote by the membership.

Social Memberships

Social members enjoy our rich and active club life, excellent dining room, beautiful patio, and park-like grounds.

  • Family-friendly events and children’s playground
  • Live music throughout the summer
  • Year round social events and activities including themed parties: Children's Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Years Day Levee, Family Easter, Commodore's Ball, Lobsterfest, MCC Book Club, Oktoberfest, Speaker Nights and other special events.
  • BBQs and picnic tables at the end of every dock
  • While there is no work hour requirement for social members, we encourage everyone to get involved.
Initiation $43
Annual Dues $717
HST $98.80
Total $858.80

Click here to apply for Membership Click here to submit your boat information
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