Membership - Types of Membership

Senior A Member
An owner of a boat, who holds a class A debenture. They have full membership, work hour requirements and voting rights.

Senior B Member
An owner of a dry sailed boat, who owns a class B debenture. They have full voting rights on all matters except those related to wet moorings, their equipment and service. Has to meet work hour requirements. May maintain a position on the Social A waiting list for a Senior A debenture.

Social B Member
May use the Club for social purposes, may belong to some Club committees, but cannot keep a boat at the Club and has no voting rights.

Non-Resident Member
A past member whose permanent residence is beyond 150 kilometres from the Club premises. The non-resident member will have the same rights as a Social B member. One cannot join as a non-resident member.

Corporate Member
Available to companies, institutions and associations and is extended to no more than three persons within a qualified institution. The designated people shall be known as Corporate Members. The privileges shall be the same as those of a Social B membership. The designated members shall be responsible for their accounts.

Intermediate Member
Available to a person having attained his/her nineteenth birthday but not their thirtieth birthday and is the child, step child, or grand child of a senior member. No voting privileges.

Junior Member
Must be eighteen years of age or less. No voting rights.