Visitor information - Club Amenities

Shower and Washrooms

Washrooms on the ground floor of the Clubhouse have a separate shower area.  Laundry facilities, which require chits, are on the east side of the Clubhouse - next to the women's washroom and showers.  Access is 24/7 by using the combination supplied by the Officer of the Day.  Please help maintain the cleanliness and good order of these facilities.  The washing of clothes and/or dishes is not permitted in the washrooms.


Please dispose of your garbage in the garbage bins provided.

Shore Power

Depending on the location, 20 and 30 amp receptacles are available from power posts on the docks.  Do not force your "pigtail" into the socket.  We have a few "pigtails" to loan with a $100 deposit at the bar.  Please do not operate portable generators.

Secure Access

If you plan to leave the Club grounds, the Officer of the Day can give you a proximity card to open the entrance gate.  A small deposit is required.

Refuelling and Pumpout

There are no fuel docks in the basin.  Fuel may be obtained at Ontario Place to our east or at Lake Promenade Marina to our west.  Refuelling from containers must be done at the service dock only.  A self-service pumpout station is located at the service dock and is $10 per use.  Use can be arranged with the Officer of the Day or bar staff.

Dining Room

The clubhouse lounge and dining area is open during the entire boating season from April to October, excluding Mondays and Tuesdays.  You must use Visa, MasterCard or debit as a method of payment.  Cash is not accepted.  A service gratuity is included in your bill.  Use this link for more information on dining: where links to menus and hours of operation are located on the left panel.  There is a comfortable licensed lounge with a large screen HDTV.


Propane BBQs onboard your boat can be used.  Please feel free to use our free onshore BBQs and adjacent picnic tables.  Spare propane tanks for onshore BBQs are located at the north end of the clubhouse.


Bagged ice blocks and cubes can be bought from the freezers located on the ground floor of the clubhouse just outside the men's washrooms.

Club Regalia

A host of MCC regalia can be purchased.  Samples can be found in a display case on the ground floor near the east entrance.  Regalia can be purchased at the Club in May, June, September and October.  Dates and times are posted on the website.  If you would like to purchase any items at other times, the Officer of the Day or bar staff may be able to direct you to a member of the Regalia Committee or the General Manager.  Alternatively, the Regalia Committee can be reached through .